Common lab Module

Hi @tahira @owais.hussain . I am Harsha currently pursuing my in KLuniversity India . I am intersted in working with you for the project Common Lab Module. I was working on Bahmni project from last three months. I had gone through this Doc

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Hi @harsha4444, thanks a bunch for your interest. The primary mentor for the GSoC is @tahira, who is currently on leave. But I might be able to fill the gap in the meantime.

Have you checked out and tried the module on OpenMRS yet?

@tahira can you provide me some more details about integrating this module into openmrs

@harsha4444 You’re missing something. Please move to talk post first. Post your queries there, also tag both the mentors.

Sir @owais.hussain @tahira , sorry for that I am new this platform . Can u help me to resolve this issue where can i post about this topic

@harsha4444 no worries, there you go. Please see the screenshot below, click on [OpenMRS | Talk] first (at the top of the page) and then click on blue button [New Topic]. Don’t forget to tag us!

My apologies @harsha4444 as I just realised that you’re already on talk post. I thought it to be a personal message.

Please go ahead with asking your question.

@tahira @owais.hussain can we replace the same UI with REACT as it has the flexibility of reusing the code and used as cross-platform apps

@harsha4444 I would suggest against it. The existing UI is for legacy module, and uses Web Controllers. New UI should be a separate module, using REST resources…

@harsha4444 the idea is to create a new OWA module using REST api. UI should be built using React and we already have worked on the REST api, therefore your task would be to build a new UI for this module.

In addition to this, we aim to improve the method of handling hierarchical grouped results as mentioned here. Did you get a chance to explore commonlabtest_attribute_type and commonlabtest_attribute tables in database?

@tahira @owais.hussain I have gone through the commonlabtest_attribute_type and commonlabtest_attribute tables in database and can I know any requirements for the new UI

@harsha4444 Assuming that you understood by looking at the tables that how the grouped results (test attributes) are being handled now, this existing approach needs to be improved further. For understanding it in more detail, please look at the heading “Lab Test Attribute Types” on this page. There you will find details about Multiset name and group name.

For the UI part, existing module’s UI serves as the mock-ups for the new OWA module. What I meant is, you can design new UI by looking at the Common Lab module UI.

okay @tahira I will design new UI and provide the details in my proposal thank you …

@harsha4444 I have edited my previous reply, please have a look.

@harsha4444 before you start writing proposal, please have a look at this.

Did you read student guide for GSoc?

@tahira i had read that student guide for GSoc

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@harsha4444 Great! Please go ahead with proposal writing.

Hi @tahira @owais.hussain . Apologies for late replies. I had posted the final proposal on April 8th . Thanks for your suggestion on the proposals. I tried to improve as much as i can . Mean while I will try to work in this project . I will Keep updating the status

Hi, @tahira @owais.hussain. I was selected to work on UI for common lab test, I am glad to have you both as my mentors. I look forward to working with you.

Talking about the Project, the GitHub link on wiki page, when it I open it it shows the the project have been achieve by the owner. but i got the module from the OpenMRS main repository On GitHub hope Its Okay.

Hi @wandji69,

Congratulations on being selected :slight_smile: and thank you for reaching out to us.

Oh! you mean archived. Yes I have just edited the wiki page as this module was moved to OpenMRS repository on GitHub. Please find it here

Also, please create a new talk post for discussing issues related to Common Lab Module.