Command not recognized

hello, I have installed bahmni virtual box on a windows 7 machine with 8gb RAM. however openerp is not working and when I try to check status or start the service. I get the …comand is not recognized. so all the sudo and other commands will not work.So I have no way of checking or starting a service. pls what do I do. I have tried a couple of solutions that did not work. @swathivarkala @sravanthi17

Someone please help me out here @sravanthi17 @swathivarkala. thanks

Can you please share a screenshot ?

this is the screenshot.

You have to run the command inside your vagrant box.

Follow the steps below

  1. vagrant ssh
  2. sudo service openerp status

thank so much for your reply. this is what i get when I follow your instruction

Your vagrant ssh didnt work.

Please take help of this

thanks for the link. Problem solved using puTTy to SSH. thanks again