Cohort Module: GSoC 2015 Project Discussion

Hello @maimoonak and @darius

The proposed ER diagram for the cohort module . Could you please give your valuable suggesstions to enhance the module

Thank you

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Hi Sharon,

It would help if you include in the diagram which of these relationships are one vs many.

I have updated the ER diagram. Could you please confirm if its ok. Thank you!

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Hello @maimoonak and @darius

I have created a module called Cohort Module and have published it on github

Here’s the link


Sharon Varghese

Thats cool Sharon. Few comments on the module:

  1. Use OpenMRS standard naming convention openmrs-module-module_id for module folder name in git.

  2. Change the properties in pom.xml to “Cohort Module” and some descriptive text for description. (Same should be done with omod and api pom files)

<name>cohort Module</name>
  1. This settings file is not needed probably:

  2. Capitalize the name cohortManageController in omod.

  3. In AdminList the key should contain some descriptive text e.g. Manage Cohorts instead of cohort.manage.

Hello @maimoonak and @darius

I have made the required changes.

Here’s the link of the repo :-

@sharonvarghese I have added other tasks “Add jQuery and css to module”, “Add Openmrs REST api services in module”. The next would be modelling ERD for hibernate and creating DAO and Services. In the mean time you can read about how this is done.

@sharonvarghese I have added tasks for next week into sheet. You can have a look into those and ask if anything is confusing or require detailed briefing. We can also have skype call if a walk through of any functional existing module is required for any task.

@maimoonak and @darius I have added css file with a few attributes in the module and I am working on adding OpenMRS rest api services into the module. Will try to complete it asap and will research more about next week tasks.

Please keep in mind it is not permitted to start coding until the official start date of the program, 25 May. :slight_smile:

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Yes will wait till the main coding phase :slight_smile: