Code Review requirement for GSoC Student applicants!

Am proposing that we tell our GSoC student applicants to at least do a couple of code reviews, before they can be selected. This is not only one of the ways of helping them learn the OpenMRS codebase, but also a way of teaching them that open source software development is not just about writing code, but reviewing other people’s code too. They do not have to understand all the code. Reviews can be as simple as ensuring travis is happy, test coverage has not reduced, commits are squashed into one, code conventions are followed, the relevant ticket is in the initial code review state, test to confirm that the reported bug is actually fixed, and more as mentioned on our pull request tips page and the links below.

This is one of my attempts to try increase the number of volunteers doing code reviews. :slight_smile:

What do others think?


Its a great suggestion @dkayiwa . so we should just review other pull request/issues and ping u or someone with merge privileges when they are ready to be merged or atleast following the pull request conventions ? :slight_smile:

I second this. Code review is a very important process but somehow OpenMRS does not formally promote it. I stayed for more than a year in the community before even realizing that I could be doing code review. I actually learned from a Python community Coala that I could be doing code reviews. They encourage all newcomers to review other newcomers code while their pull request is awaiting review and I think thats a good practice.

+1 to that