Closing patient visits in Clinical module

Is there way to activate the ‘Close patient visit’ for clinical providers?

I know it can be done during registration, but in my understanding it seems reasonable to have the doctor close the visit once he has finished seeing a particular patient.

Quite a few of our implementations, usually choose to “auto close” the visit at End of Day… so that no one needs to remember to close the visit (sometimes patients just go home, without following the full process). This is true for OPD visits. For IPD, the visit won’t close until the person isn’t discharged. All of this is configurable.

I didn’t answer your question directly, but just wanted to mention the above option.

Thanks for the explanation. But then I’m not sure if I understand the ‘patient queue’ feature.

E.g. the clinical module shows a list of patients (Active, OPD, Programs, My patients and All in my installation). But as long as a visit is not closed, the patient will still show up there and will add up during the clinic day. So eventually at the end of the day for our clinic there could be 150 patients and the provider might not know anymore who he/she has already seen. The next patient is usually called out with his name, so this queue could actually help sorting the patients.

So I guess I’m still looking for a way for the provider to manually close the visit.

Right now, a visit can only be closed from Registration Screen, or automatically from the batch job at end of the day (configurable), or from IPD screen (patient is discharged).

In terms of queue, each queue can be configured with a custom SQL. So one could configure an SQL for: “shows all patients who have not had any encounters in last 6 hours and still have visits open” (Lets call this: Waiting Queue)

So, once an encounter occur, they won’t be visible in the above queue.

Would this work for you?

This could help to reduce the list of patients a bit, especially if the time period is further reduced. But I think I need to have a bit more sophisticated query which also would try to capture the (pending) lab orders.

Still I would like to understand how this list of patients is used in your OPD environments. I would assume that the list also gets longer the more patients have been seen during the day. If this happens, doesn’t it reduce the value of this patient list quite a bit? Are your users then always using the search feature within this list or is this patient flow also managed outside of Bahmni (similar to the returning lab results)?

Besides getting a dedicated close visit button: Can a close visit be configured to trigger with a specific Disposition Type?