Clinical Data Management Gsoc 2021

Hi everyone! I am interested in applying for Gsoc 2021. I am particularly interested in the Clinical Data Management project. I wanted to know about the Legacy UI functions for which the extra REST endpoints were to be made (as mentioned in the document Clinical Data Management in the third para under the Description ). Can you tell me about some functions for which the same would be needed?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @dexter808 ! It’s great to know that you want to be a part of our community. As far as I know, making the APIs will be a work when we’ll be working on the project and needs to build a new API for a functionality. These are not yet defined right now.

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thanks for your reply but I was asking for some examples on the Legacy UI module functions that have not been exposed as REST endpoints, as mentioned in the project description. Getting to know some examples would help me better understand it.

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Hi @dexter808,

As @vasharma05 Rightly said, the primary goal is to modernize the clinical data aspect of the admin dashboard. That entails you working on the Micro frontend. While working, there might be some functionalities or roles we might need to add if necessary. That will now entail you to create new REST end points for this functionalities.

Right now we don’t know them yet. I’d advice you to first have a look at Getting Started As A Developer . That’s if you have not yet seen that.

Hope that helps.