Clinic Office Visit System for Belize

Hello all, I’m new to OpenMRS. I’ve installed to software on Ubuntu/Tomcat6 and the standard .war distribution runs fine (once the memory leak was fixed).

Now I’m learning about the data model, forms, etc. etc. and plan to do some customization. But before I jump into too many changes, can someone point me to a generic, stripped-down system designed for office visits?

I’m looking for:

  1. Simple patient demographics management (a picture of the patient would be nice as well, since patients sometimes arbitrarily change names in Belize)
  2. Visit-based capture of vital signs and basic encounter data
  3. Problem list, allergies, etc. etc. management.

My fear is that I’m going to reinvent the wheel. What is the best way to see if something has been done before?

I would check out the standalone versions available here

Or the online demo

I tried the demo (which I believe is the standalone version) and it’s definitely closer to what I need.

But in terms of deployment, the idea was to have the server running here in the US on a very stable platform. Then all we’d need in Belize is a PC and web browser.

Is the standalone version just a different runtime configuration of the enterprise version, or is it a complete rebuild/recompile?

The Standalone installation is just a self-contained file that includes an installation on OpenMRS together with an application server and database, as well as an installer/startup helper application. Because of those embedded components, it is not recommended for production/live use, however it uses the same OpenMRS/Platform application code.