ClassNotFoundException while deploying OpenHMIS Inventory Module

I’m using the following development environment: OpenMRS Platform 1.11.4 OpenMRS Reference Application 2.3 and bundled modules OpenHMIS Modules (backboneforms-2.4.0, cashier-3.2.1, commons-3.2.1, inventory-2.2.1)

I’m running into following exception when I start the sever with above platform and module versions:


  1. When I access Inventory Tasks app leading to http://localhost:8080/mrs/module/openhmis/inventory/inventory.form , the page doesn’t render completely.

  2. I’m not able to access Inventory Role Creation app leading to http://localhost:8080/mrs/module/openhmis/inventory/ , the page renders as a blank page.

  3. I’m not able to access Inventory Settings app leading to http://localhost:8080/mrs/module/openhmis/inventory/ , the page renders as a blank page.

Probably the above exception is somehow responsible for the issues I’m facing.

FYI, you shouldn’t be running Ref APP 2.3 in production, it has a security issue that got fixed in 2.3.1

As for the ClassNotFoundException, I don’t know what your modules’ dependencies are but make sure you’ve defined them well i.e. which module requires which in the config.xml file. And is the IStockOperationType class defined in the same module as the mapping file that’s referencing it?

@themoonraker13 Have you configured the REST module in OpenMRS? The steps to set up the REST module as well as the OpenHMIS modules can be found here. My guess is that those pages do not render properly because the OpenHMIS REST services cannot be reached. Please let me know if it works properly after configuring it.

The error that you linked from your log does not actually cause any problems and is an intended part of our design. For those that are curious, this error happens because are persisting an interface type (IStockOperationType) rather than a specific class. Javassist doesn’t seem to work properly with this configuration and attempts to instantiate the interface, which is not valid as it’s not a class.

Forgot to include minor version. I’ve already migrated to RA-2.3.1 long back. Thanks though :slight_smile:

Thanks @ibewes. The page rendering issues were resolved by manually setting Rest Web Services URI Prefix under REST Web Services settings on Administration page.

Will try to work on the error log and Javassist issue that you pointed.