Claim a ticket to get fixedup


@dkayiwa @reagan @herbert24 @samuel34 hey … whenever i try to login in my account to claim a ticket thats what happens… Could you please help me and see how i can fix this… i have tried to reset my password several times but nothing seems to work out… anyhelp please?

Which username and password are you using, did you read this

@sharif yes i did read that. Username ndacyayisenga Password 0787297104

Do you have access to wiki/jira? look at step 2 on the link @sharif shared above.

Some times it may arise from jira sorry for that cc.@jwnasambu

@jwnasambu i dont have access to it… when i login using my email and password am told they are wrong

@sharif any other possible solution

What is the response after login with password and username

@ndacyayisenga do you have access to Jira/wiki? if you don’t have kindly Create a new case at OpenMRS Helpdesk stating you’d like to contribute and would like edit access to Wiki and JIRA.

@sharif thats what it shows

@jwnasambu yes i do access it

@dkayiwa thanks … i can now access my account

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