CIEL mapping for immunizations

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What’s the best way of creating CIEL-type mappings for immunizations?



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Assuming you’re talking about how to actually create mappings in OCL, I would recommend OCL’s Bulk Import feature. Documentation for that is available here, just to get you started. Feel free to ask further questions if needed. If you’re trying to map a list of immunizations to CIEL, then this should help with getting those mappings into OCL.

Obviously, that does not tell you much about the process of actually mapping like how CIEL does it. @akanter could likely help you if you are looking for best practices related to creating good quality mappings. I might refer you to the Immunizations convenience set in CIEL if you want examples of how CIEL does its immunizations.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to clarify if I am missing the point of your question. :slight_smile:

Joe Amlung, Regenstrief/OCL,

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These are the immunization concepts used by Partners In Health. They have CIEL and PIH mappings.

It is important to understand what actually is being recorded. There is the vaccine itself (a drug concept) or the administration of vaccination (a procedure concept), and there even is a “need for a particular vaccine” finding concept. CIEL has a Immunization history set which includes the immunization along with additional metadata. For documenting the administration of a vaccine for COVID, etc. using one of the administration of… COVID-19 vaccine… concepts might be appropriate.