CI server is down

I won’t be able to investigate in a couple of hours.

thanks @cintiadr for this, i have been failing to log in jira

Hi @gcliff

I assume you have permission to login.

It’s working for me. Also, monitoring says it’s healthy. It doesn’t seem to be related to CI being completely down. So I’d recommend you raise a helpdesk ticket.

@cintiadr my jira is okay now,am able to login, thanks for the good work :+1:

That was indeed the plugins upgrade I did. I mean, the combination of 2 plugins that weren’t compatible anymore, caused a lot more damage than I’d like.

If you are interested on the gory details,

Otherwise, just know I also upgraded bamboo during the process.


hello @cintiadr

am trying to log into jira to work on some ticket but am failing. i think jira is down.

Hello @cintiadr, it seems i cant login to wiki.

This will give you the status:

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@mozzy -> Login to Wiki and Jira was down

@dkayiwa I updated the alarm to add both JIRA and Wiki as non-operational if the login fails.

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