CI build for Windows

Can we have a Travis CI build test for Windows? That could really help in finding out issues which might come up on Windows machines.

cc @dkayiwa @cintiadr

I find it very unlikely we are going to find problems specifically on running servers on windows. It’s very uncommon as we use the JVM as an abstraction layer.

That said, if someone is willing to do browser specific tests (which I don’t know if travis supports or not, or how to do it in edge), it might be a good test. I’m not sure which browser are we using right now for our end-to-end tests.

You shouldn’t need us to do anything to experiment with any free/open source stack.

Okay. My point was just that sometimes there are failing build tests specific to Windows (ex. FM2-243), so I thought it might help in preventing the issue beforehand.

Thanks for your input @cintiadr! :slight_smile:

@iamsr are you looking for something like this?

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@dkayiwa Yeah. That was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! :smiley:

Could we add it to FHIR module’s .travis.yml file too?

Raising a pull request would be the first step.

Am reverting because of this error The language 'java' is currently unsupported on the Windows Build Environment. and a couple of other errors. If you have some time, investigate and raise a pull request.

Oh okay. Sure I will check it out.

We could always shift to using GitHub Actions rather than Travis to support the build.

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Where are we on this? Should we shift to GitHub Actions?

@iamsr At least for the FHIR2 module, we’re already using GitHub Actions, but I’d leave the choice of CI services to the individual modules.

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