Chosen language of OpenMRS site does not persist into the demo login. O3-2568

Hello Community I am working on this issue Issue Navigator - OpenMRS Issues When you go to the demo version specifically for OpenMRS 2.x the language you are using does not persist to the demo. But with OpenMRS 3.x the language persists.

Even when I go to account to try to change language

I would like some guidance does OpenMRS 2.x support translation from English to other languages. @dkayiwa @ibacher

Very intentionally, you cannot make changes to the Admin user on the demo site, but you also don’t need to. The request is to set the session locale for the user, not to permanently change the user’s default language. I expect you can do this by ensuring the link on reflects the user locale.

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@ibacher this actually works. With firefox you can also use the beta translation tool.

So does this mean that with Openmrs 2.x demo locale translation can,t be done automatically just the way O3 demo is?

It can be. You just need to append ?lang=fr to the URL (or whatever is appropriate).

Yes this is what I did , I meant done seemlessly without tampering with the URL. Just the way O3 demo is.

Well, the specific ask in that ticket is that if I’m browsing and I select “French” as the language, when I click on the demo, the demo should be in French. That seems like URL tampering is the right way to go (it’s also semi-persistent; if you re-open the demo, it will default to the last language you selected).

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