Child Patient Medical Record System

Hello everyone, I am considering presenting OpenMRS as a possible solution for a hospital, however, there are a few things I would like to clear up before I can consider OpenMRS a viable option. The hospital is for children and as such, I would like to customize OpenMRS to fit this niche. Here are few questions I would like to answer:

  • Does anyone use OpenMRS in such a scenario (managing information for child patients)?
  • Can I customize the forms to fit this scenario? e.g., Remove the patient phone number and address section in the ‚ÄúRegister a Patient‚ÄĚ view and make the Parent/relative phone number and address the main contact information.
  • After the patient is registered/created, on the patients profile view, it appears that the relative/family member has to have a record existent in the database for that information to show up in the ‚ÄúFamily‚ÄĚ section. Is there a way to just display the relative information specified during the registering of that patient?
  • This child patient MRS is for a specialized medical field, so the database should be populated with general illnesses, as well as, and more importantly, illnesses of that specialized medical field. Can this be done?

Your input is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @richardbo,

We did implement the OpenMRS Reference Application at a children hospital.

Yes, what you describe looks like fairly minor configuration changes.

Yes again you may do this using person attributes rather than leveraging the relationships in OpenMRS, that’d be an option.

Yes, OpenMRS is designed to enable the extension of the medical terminology at will.

Awesome, @mksd, thanks for the reply. It is the ‚ÄúPlatform 2.0.5 Standalone Edition‚ÄĚ that I start with to customize OpenMRS the way we need it or is ‚ÄúReference Application 2.6.0 Standalone Edition‚ÄĚ enough?

Short answer: Reference Application 2.6.0 Standalone Edition

The Platform is, well, a platform. Meaning that it is rather a backend application than anything else. It needs to be dressed up as a end user distribution to be fully usable. There are two main distributions made available for the largest audience:

  1. The Reference Application.
  2. Bahmni.

But in fact there are quite a few distributions of OpenMRS out there, some targeting specific use cases, other fitting a regional use‚Ķ etc. More here about the subject: ‚ÄėOpenMRS Distributions‚Äô.

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Alright @mksd, thanks.