Checking Formatting and Layout of Proposed Documentation

@c.antwi @jwnasambu My group and I are proposing a change to the “For Open Web App Developers” page.

Here is a sharable link to our document where we have put all of our information: Proposed Document

The document is written in markdown language. Feel free to leave any comments on our document. My group and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for the formatting and layout of the proposal.

Thanks very much for you interest in documentation kindly use this link to highlight what you are going to work on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for pointing me towards that! Are there any other pages or documentation I should also utilize while updating the documentation? For instance, something that tells me the standard used for the page layout.

@mharder Thanks for you efforts. we currently don’t a particular format for page layout. We just expect that the content is legible and guides the reader in a logical manner.

We probably need to develop that too at some point.

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