Check the same diagnosis

How can we check the diagnosis list in two facility are same ? ( Two facility using the same Version i.e. .85) Need to align between the facilities.

Sanjaya, Are you talking about the concept dictionary between sites?

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We are adding the services in both of the facility so we want to make sure we have same diagnosis list in two of the facility.

I don’t know if Bahmni has a wait to synch these other than using concepts and sets shared through OCL.

Hi Sanjay,

As of now, you can go to Admin tab in Bahmni and click on export csv and export “Diagnosis set of sets”. This csv can be uploaded from the Admin page in Bahmni of new facility.

@akhilmalhotra this could be for the ideal new setup or if the facilities are already in aligned situation. What if we have different set of diagnosis in two location.?