Chart Search Module for Reference Application version 1.0 Released

Hi dear interested reader; If for today you have been sad, or disturbed by some blocker(s)!!! i think what you need is a simple break, and if you are OK, then you are a target too and please just take a few minutes and look into this Robust release, and you will not regret it. For quite some time we have been working so hard, and as for this year’s GSoC Chart Search project, we have reached some startup level,

I have today Released Chart Search Module 1.0 that runs interestingly on the Reference Aplication, if i should say two words to describe it, i would use, “live searching” you can’t miss to test it for your self to prove my words. Here is the documentation where you can begin from, let me hope to hear from you what you think about this :smile:


  • Test the module as much s you can
  • Advise on what you think we need to improve
  • Involve many implementers to use the module
  • Suggest any new features you would love to see added

regards k-joseph