Chart abstraction/retrospective data entry when starting up OpenMRS

What are our current capabilities regarding getting old data into OpenMRS when it is first being started (or after a long downtime)? For example, if you have all your patient data already summarized (patient ID, problems/diagnoses, lab results, etc.), how do we quickly get this into the EMR for review? I know we can back-enter individual visits. I know we can create patients (demographics) via import. Do we have a form or a process for importing historical data? FHIR is obvious if it is FHIR-compliant data, but I doubt that will be the case.

Are you looking for this? GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-fast-data-entry-app: Fast Data Entry App

Thanks, but not quite… I don’t expect that there will be a bunch of pre-recorded forms that just need to be entered (which seems to be the old OMRS workflow), but rather recording data from multiple forms at one time (essentially). Past problem entry would need to record each diagnosis and meta data such as when it was noted, when it started, if it resolved, etc. Medications would include doses and start/end dates, Observations… all recorded in a large flat file which could then be used to import into OpenMRS data model. I think we would be able to do this via the FHIR module, but wasn’t sure anyone has actually done it. Imagine having an existing EMR with patient data which needs to be migrated into a new OpenMRS EMR.

I don’t think there’s a standard OpenMRS solution for this. Bahmni, IIRC, has some CSV formats that can be used to import existing data. In practice, these sorts of data imports will always involve a large amount of manual (or semi-automated) data transformation since the source data is rarely in a standardised format (FHIR or OHDSI or anything else).

Exactly… Might be something to consider. I wonder how many people are out there with old EMRs who would move to OpenMRS if they could? I think there is a huge data requirement for moving everything, but imagine a way to simply bring over the problem list/dx list, meds, allergies, labs, etc.? Not everything, but just a key summary…