Changing the process flow

Since our clinics do not charge fees and since, in terms of process flow in the clinics, nutritional values form part of taking vital signs, I would like to skip the Nutritional Values and Fee Information step and simply move patients into the clinical queue after registration. I would then like to add Nutritional Values to the Vital Signs page. Any suggestions?

Hi @andys, It is possible. If you would like the registration user to just stay on the page the you need to set the below config in registration/app.json "showStartVisitButton": false If you would like the registration user to go to some page, say consultation in clinical that is also possible with a config like below in registration/extension.json "enterConsultation":{ "id": "", "extensionPointId": "", "type": "config", "extensionParams" : { "display": "Enter <u>C</u>onsultation", "shortcutKey": "c", "forwardUrl": "../clinical/#/default/patient/{{patientUuid}}/dashboard/concept-set-group/observations" }, "order": 1, "requiredPrivilege": "RegisterAndConsult" },

Actually both are mentioned on the wiki page :"StartVisit"Dropdown