Changing the Patient Search Criteria

I have Installed and configured bahmni on my Windows machine successfully. Now on the Patient search page I want to add search by Address fields also and the same shall be reflected in the search result also. Can you guide me for the same on my windows machine with virtual box.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @baviskarmitesh, Please refer to Bahmni Patient Search Config.

@swathivarkala I am unable to open app.json file to make a changes. I am currently unable to loginto centos of virtual box on my windows 8 machine

Did you try as root user? please do “sudo su” then vi /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/app.json

@swathivarkala I am using virtual box directly set up at the time of Installing bhamni. And the I dont know the password for root for centos in virtual box

Hi @baviskarmitesh, Can you try vagrant/vagrant and let us know if it works? And is there any specific reason for not using vagrant ssh??

Now I can log into the system with user prompt thanks will let you know after trying and editing the file

@swathivarkala I have managed to change app.json file but it is not reflecting to my search page. Do I need to do additional steps after change in app.json file

Yes Done Thanks

Are the issues solved? Anything else pending?

@swathivarkala Yep it is solved. Now I wants to know if Bahmni can be used for multiple branches of Same hospital with different location, And Can I restrict the patient search to the registered branch only, Means If I am going to register a patient from desk1 then the patient shall only be seen from that locations only.

Hi Mitesh,

Yes you can configure custom Patient Queues/Patient Lists with you can achieve your requirement. You can use the below example configuration.

@swathivarkala Can you please give me step by step changes required to do this change

Hi @baviskarmitesh, If you login from location A then you can only see the patients that are registered from location A in the “PatientsByLocation” clinical search tab. “PatientsByLocation” search queue comes out of box with the Bahmni installation. Please let me know if you want to configure a search queue for a different type of requirement then we can help you with the steps.

I am trying to configure Bhamni to work for a different Branches of same hospitals. I am at present treating a location as a Branch, Now I don’t want patient search option to show all the patients registered with all the branches.

@baviskarmitesh, So you don’t want to show patients registered in different location under Registration Search? The Patient Queue By Location which we gave can be configured in Clinical module.

@swathivarkala Yes I don’t want to search patients registered from different location under Registration search. Can you please guide me in this respect. And I need to know the default password for mysql server installed along with virtual box. and name of database used im implementation of bhamni

Hi @baviskarmitesh, You can remove all the other search queues keeping only “PatientsByLocation” search queue. That way you can get only the list of patients registered from that particular location in clinical module. Please check this file and remove all other patient search queues from extension.json. You can find this file in your machine at /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/clinical/extension.json

Please follow this WIKI page to connect to different databases in Bahmni.