Changing date and time

How to change date and time

  1. Do you need to change the time and date ? does bahmni automatically adjust it
  2. Do you have to change time and date when you are installing bahmni ? And what is the steps : please don’t put link just write the steps/ code
  3. Can you change the date and time after installing bahmni
  1. it’s upto the system you are installing. Bahmni does nott change date and time of operating system! You may install services like NTP/NTPD or systemd-timesyncd

  2. You need to set time if the time is not in sync. (Please google to check how set time)

  3. Yes.

Note, all clocks drift, so its better to a NTPD service or alike installed on the server.

Thanks for your info ! I’ll follow your advise .