Changing Bacteriology tab

Can that be done? I tried modifying BACTERIOLOGY CONCEPT SET to include custom concepts to reflect the kind of procedures followed (instead of collection of urine/blood samples) with limited success. The mandatory Type of Sample continues to show up. The ‘ADD SAMPLE’ is also not required. Is my approach recommended. Or do you suggest I put all these changes under Observations only?

Basically I would like a custom Treatments tab along with Observations, Consultation etc…

Bacteriology provides a lot of flexibility with its Additional Attributes and Results extensions,

Thanks, Ashok

If your requirement is to have a custom treatment tab then it is not worth changing the bacteriology tab.

Bacteriology has some mandatory and hardcoded fields (like you mentioned… type of sample is mandatory and hard coded) and on top of it few fields are customizable (for example: additonal attributes and results are configurable).

So my best choice is to put them as Observations or Disease templates (the difference is subtle and can be accessed again through Observations tab only…?). And hide Bacteriology tab since it may confuse the user?

Thanks again,

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