Changes to provider list not reflected in XForm design

In Ref app 2.5 I am creating a test form using Xforms and would like to include a single select of provider id.

I have derived the form from the basic form and have created the single select and added the field successfully to the design surface.

The selection initially shows all of the members of the providers list including some test providers. I subsequently "permanently deleted " the test providers and saved and refreshed the form. However the form continues to display the deleted providers.

The pics below show the current provider list and and the Xform after saving and refreshing.

Right click on the PROVIDER ID item under form fields and select “Delete”. Save the form and close the form designer. Reopen the form and right click under form fields to select “Refresh” Check if the providers are listed and you need them and save the form.

Another case of easy when you know…many thanks…

Forgive my stupidity but when further additions and deletions and made to the provider list will we need to repeat the process?

Unfortunately yes. But there is an open ticket where we shall have this fixed. So that is just a temporary workaround before it gets fixed.