Changed name of devtest01 to int02

I was working on converting UI test cases in reference app, when I realised that devtest01 was down for quite some time already. Looking at the current allocation of test servers, I believe it was moved to int02 since the environment seems identical. I’ve also got some tests to run on that server, so I believe that’s the one. Can anyone confirm this? Also, will future automated UI tests be run on that server? Thanks!

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Yes, this change was requested by the Reference Application team, since it was being used for integration test purposes. It is the same host – only the hostname has changed.

Alright, were the host settings in Reference App updated? If not, I can submit a pull request for that. Thanks for your time!

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It’s not clear whether or not that was done; our helpdesk team only handled the hostname change. But I’m sure if you check GitHub and still see the old one, a PR would be welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks helpdesk for making this change!

We still need to make any relevant changes to the reference application distribution code and/or to the CI plan, since changing the hostname did start breaking the build here.

@yancmo, please do issue a pull request, if you know where to do so.

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Submitted a PR already:

Not sure if it’ll fix the CI issue, but it’ll resolve the tests being unable to run issue. Thanks!

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Thanks! Actually, can you change it to That’s a better alias for our purposes here.


Updated the hostname already!

I’ve updated the “Deploy to Functional Test Server” and “Deploy to Manual Test Server” scripts on Bamboo to reflect the changes.{devtest01 -> int02, devtest02 -> qa01}. We should be good to build the module once the PR is merged. :slight_smile:

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As per Looks like we might also have to look into the scripts on the Bamboo Agents namely (and just in case) Is there a way to do so via the Bamboo or would I need ssh access to the machines?

It was updated by @dkayiwa already, but it seems like there’re other problems.