Change to contact form in our website

So, a little bit of a situation.

We had a form in our website, the contact form, where people could fill it up to send us any message. Turns out that thing stopped working january 2018 :D, due to how emails work and so what.

There’s really no easy way to fix it, because I cannot send an email on behalf of a user, and hence I cannot open a helpdesk ticket on behalf of them.

I changed the form to redirect them to our helpdesk.

If we stiil want to recreate the form, I’d recommend we do it straight on our helpdesk (instead of wordpress).

I created a servicedesk ticket for older requests from late october, and I’m working my way through them.

cc @jennifer @dkayiwa


Interesting that we did not notice since 2018

Thanks @cintiadr for working your way through them. :slight_smile:

Right? I just assume that form wasn’t particularly popular, but I didn’t realise how it was configured anyway.

cc as we continue to prepare for the new website,there is a point to note here on the contact form configuration so as we can easly get to the contact us messages. @jennifer