Change OpenELIS UI

@swathivarkala @ramashish @binduak
Hello everyone, I have a few questions about OpenELIS.

  1. How do i change the UI of OpenELIS e.g. i want to change the address information when creating a new patient in OpenELIS so that it matches with the one in OpenMRS.

  2. If i add a new patient in OpenELIS, Does the record sync to OpenMRS and OpenERP

  3. When printing the aggregate reports in OpenELIS, there’s still JSS Laboratory report name yet i changed the print report configurations and the organization under administration. Also for the non-conformity report, how i change the text language that is displayed incase there are no results for it.

  1. I don’t think thats possible!
  2. Not any more!

@angshuonline Thank you for the reply, how about 3. Is it possible.??