change fullname displayed order after the registration

Hi, i tried to change the way the full name is displayed after the registration. I went to app.json file in registration and change this line “patientNameDisplayOrder”: [“lastName”, “middleName”, “firstName”], i noticed it only changes the way it is displayed on the registration page. In my country the fullname starts with the lastname followed by the firstname . Any idea on how to make it works?

Thank you

@soorya @deepthi @akhilmalhotra @angshuonline Can you help here ?


Hi @jess , As you told patientNameDisplayOrder is only for registration configuration. For other places we need to do a code change across application to get in this order [“lastName”, “middleName”, “firstName”]. There are lot of changes to be made like example “ui/app/clinical/displaycontrols/patientContext/views/patientContext.html” for patient dashboard header, etc

@soorya i see, if the changes need to be made in application it will not be easy. I am from a french country fullname always start by the the last name.

You can raise a JIRA issue @jess . This seems like a gap (or a bug) - we will fix it so. Can you please tell us where all do you see such behavior?

@angshuonline the full name should be displayed in my country like Mbenga Ornella but as you can see below in bahmni the full name is displayed Ornella Mbenga

@jess please create a JIRA card - please mention where all this is effected.