category type all-concepts are not generating in event_records table


whenever i am creating a patient, encounter, lab, drug and concept a corresponding event records is generated in openmrs. but in my case everything working fine excepts the all-concepts category event is not generating. i have checked the failed events but didn’t find anything. can anyone tell me what should i do to generate the all-concepts event records in openmrs?

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That’s an interesting question. @ibacher or @dkayiwa, might you or someone from the OCL or FHIR squad know how to answer this?

Out of my own curiosity @shantotanvir - can I ask what you need this for? Is this for a report or indicator metric where you are reporting on the total number of events?

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Thanks you so much for replying me. Actually we are working on a distributed system where we need to sync the concept,drug data to various local server. By fetching the event records data we are keeping a marker how many we have fetched and syncs the corresponding concept drug or lab to various server.

Oh that’s really interesting, thank you! So you’re using the events as a high-level QA metric for whether/how much of the data is getting through? (FYI @christine @k.joseph)

This doesn’t directly fix your issue with the failing events not generating; but, you may be interested in the work that the OMRS service provider Mekom is doing to handle some heavy-duty EIP (Enterprise Integration Patterns) they’ve been running into for some of their bigger clients. Check out @mksd’s post here; they kicked off a small sub-group in OpenMRS slack to work on this: About the openmrs-eip category

(And apparently a few months ago an entire mechanism of error handling and replay of failed events was added to openmrs-eip. Here’s the repo for this middleware: GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-eip: An EIP toolbox for OpenMRS: the OpenMRS Camel Component and a Spring Boot app to launch it.)

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i have recently solved the issue bahmniofflinesync module has some problem which prevents the concept event to insert in the event records, After fixing the problem now the concept event is generating in the event_records.

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