Care plan and treatment protocol

anyone working on care plan and treatment protocol @ gurpreet luthra , akhil malhotra

@gsluthra @akhilmalhotra

@darius you working on care plans?

Hi @forshreenathji Care plans was not prioritized and picked up for development. It is still pending. We would be happy to help you and guide through if community members would like to pick it up and contribute.

Hi thank you for reply, could you please tell how to deploy a new tab in which careplans can be deployed same as that of observation form creation where medication , catheters , tubings , nursing advice can be added and nurses after successfully achieving it can tick right in checkbox which can be seen with time

Hi thoughtworks website number is not working. Could you please provide me working number. Basically i am a doctor and i want to implement bahmni at my place.

Can you fill this form and some details, and someone will reach out to you from Bahmni: Contact Us — Bahmni™

Please provide some details of the hospital, features, no. of patients, etc you expect to see in Bahmni in the above form.