Carbon design component ui

Hello guy am using carbon design system for react development but it takes so long to re-compile or refreshing the page like after saving can any help me with it @grace pliz

Well, node-sass tends to give a reasonable compile times when used directly at around ~4-5s depending on the machine. Here’s a quick measurement from my machine for compiling all the package styles:

npx node-sass src/globals/scss/styles.scss output.css 4.69s user 0.23s system 100% cpu 4.879 total

As a result, the slow down appears to exist over in sass-loader but it could also totally be another part of the bundle pipeline for applications. Are you able to provide a minimal reproduction of the slowdown that you’re experiencing so that members can offer advice for how to minimize it. I definitely understand how disruptive this can be, especially when compile times shoot upwards of a minute, and I believe members are ready to help where they can.

@ibacher kindly your help is needed here!

Could you provide more details like which repo you’re working on and how you started your local stuff?

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Have you also been going through this: