can't view issues in jira

hello community;

jira seems to be off coz i cant view any issues apparently



Same happed with me, I just relogged in to jira and everything worked fine for me :grinning:

I am able to access Jira with ease! Try to refresh and leggin again.
If it persists try to share a screen shot for that case scenario


We usually need a little bit of context, otherwise it’s hard to guess.

Could you confirm you were logged in? Not sure how you confirmed that. Do you know when it was working for the last time?

Is it working now?

Nothing on the monitoring seem to imply problems, so I need more information.

its off now and when i try to access any issue i get this


@gcliff just log out and in again. Are you using any sort of VPN tools?

i have uninstalled the vpn tools that i have and tried to login again which has worked,

Thanks @dkayiwa

You do not have to uninstall your VPN tools.

let me fix it :+1:

This seems to be a localised problem that only you are seeing. So the best tool to discuss that is helpdesk.

That said, that issue is public, and I have no trouble seeing it. What happens when you use incognito or another browser? You need to give us the main screen.

Well, even I faced the same issue but logging in again solved the problem for me :slight_smile:

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