Can't start in debug mode with a customized directory structure

Hi, We have a slightly customized directory structure in our openhmis inventory and cashier modules i.e api, omod, omod_1.x and omod_2.x. All openmrs version 1 code is under omod_1.x and v2 goes under omod_2.x. An issue comes up when we want to fire up jetty in development mode. The code ONLY looks for code/resources in “omod” directory. It would be good to give the developer a choice to include the module directory in the path e.g - mvn jetty:run DuiFramework.development.openhmis.inventory="/home/andrew/OpenHMIS/openmrs-module-openhmis.inventory/omod_2.x". If the module directory is not given, it defaults to “omod” for backward compatibility.

I created the issue a while back, but it seems no-one has looked into it.

Thanks -Andrew

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Would you like to create a pull request for it?

Yep. Would I need to wait for an approval/ assessment?

I marked the ticket Ready For Work so that you can claim it. In general you should feel free to link to a PR on a ticket as soon as you’ve created one, as that will help the assessor of the ticket.