Can't read vitals

Hi guys! I am trying to do two things in order to start a solidary project in Africa. First of all I would need new Fields in the register pacient section and I know how to add them in android, but I do not know what I have to change in the web app in order to get it synchronize properly in the database.

And another thing is that i can not read vitals through the phone even i am with a provider account. If i do it through the web app i got it synchronize in the phone but i can just check it if i wanna edit the vitals a “toast” would pop up with this message " This form is not supported ".

Thanks for everything !


@upc which new fields are you talking about? Are they person attributes? Can you give an example?

@dkayiwa For example they wanna register if the patient have or not watter supply at home. Would be “observation” in order to compare if they had or they never had in case appears “No” as an answer. Any idea why i can not check vitals in the app ?

thanks again

@upc have you already created the server side concept for this observation?

As for the other question, am sure @avijitghosh82 is well placed to respond! :slight_smile:

Okay i figured out about how to be able to get the Form vitals through android client. I added new attributes for the registration patient, works well in the web, but in Android Client can not even see it checking added patients through web nor registering new patients my new attributes doesnt show up. Any idea? thanks!

@upc did you get a chance to look at this?

Yes, but i could not find anything about attributes added in my Open MRS RegisterPatient.

I suspect that dynamically added attributes may not be implemented by the android client. @avijitghosh82 can confirm.


There is currently a bug in saving vitals and we are working on it.

We did not have any bug capturing vitals, but we do not know how to modify “AddEditPatientFragment” in order to get our PersonAttributes in our “MyRegistrationApp” (WEB). Could you help us ?

Sure. Could you share the specific code sample which you’re trying to modify, either here or as a line comment on github?

There goes our repository