Can't install modules.

Application Name: standalone and ref app Version Number: 2.1.3 and 2.8.0

Question: I am having trouble installing the modules I need for very long. Wanted cashier and billing features, barcode and fingerprint features. Have downloaded the omod for these module(most current versions of all) and installed but won’t start. Each will ask for series of missing module like Jasper report, openhims inventory, even, commons etc but after installing each(always latest version) it keeps asking for lower version. Even after installing the version asked for non will start as the newly installed modules will be asking of other modules etc like a chain reaction. Jasper and printer module ask for activation. I am confused.

It would help if you start with one failing module at a time. Then share the server log.

cc @BandaHealth

We have the Cashier and Inventory modules running on Platform 2.1.3 and ref app 2.8.0 as you can see from our demo site Username is demo Password is Demo1234.

I would suggest you start with a clean instance of the OpenMRS and then install the Banda Health modules. You need to install all these modules at once or you can install them in this order:






Thanks. Will get to work asap and feedback.

You are welcome. Let us know in-case of any issues.

You guys are great. Thanks. At least the cashier and billing modules work fine now. Still having issues with dispensing module. It installs well but dispensing. When I attempt to explore the function, it gives an error. Also needed biometric and barcode function but installing registration1.3.1.1885, causes error and crashes the program, id cards 1.3.1 module shows error starting module require module activator module to start so its installed but not active. Same with simplelabentry1.8

dispense.txt (23.6 KB) Dispensing module error bin

Great, glad the Banda Health modules worked ok. For the other modules, you may want to check whether they are support on OpenMRS platform 2.x