Cant get past initial setup

Hi - after installing OpenMRS and navigating back to http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ the initial setup page keeps opening. How can I move on from here?

I am using version 1.12.0 on a VMware Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, MySQL 5.6 and trying to configure it with OpenSRP.

With Thanks - Rob

What happens when you try to restart tomcat?

Hey Daniel thanks for answering. Now its just hanging (waiting for localhost). Not sure if this is a fair question since the OpenMRS version is so old. - Rob

Do you have a reason for using that specific version?

Yes it is part of the OpenSRP build. According to their technical debt document, that’s as high as I can go

Can you paste the tomcat logs at

I’ve made a new clean install on Ubuntu 16.04 with Tomcat7, MySQL 5.6, OpenJDK-7, OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0 and OpenMRS modules downloaded from (and no OpenSRP packages yet).

After running the initial setup it shows success and switches to localhost:8080/openmrs/index and hangs there. There is no file produced. An openmrs database is created with and openmrs_user in MySQL.

The Catalina.out file is at

localhost2018-05-28.log is at

Catalina2018.05-28.log is at

When you say it hangs there, can you share a screenshot of what you see?

And on which version of Java are you running this?

I’m using OpenJDK-7 (Java 7 development kit).

I got a bit further with MySQL 5.7 but then ran into this error:

Can you post the current logs at

Hey Daniel. I upgraded to OpenJDK-8 with MySQL 5.6 and I got in! Seems like version 1.12.0 just needs the exact magic combination. Thanks for not giving up on this, really appreciate your assistance!

Just to mention, the OpenSRP dev forum is also a good place to get support if you’re specifically setting up OpenSRP and it’s dependencies. They’ve been quite responsive and supportive in the past, and I see they’ve also set up a Slack workspace with a #dev-support channel too.

Thanks Dan - getting some help from them now. How did you find OpenSRP? I’m still struggling to build it, let alone test.