Can't find modules to download from

Trying to download for modules from but previously published omods are no longer displayed. How can implementation to access the omods in the meantime? Thanks!

Can you provide the OMODs you’re interested in that are missing?

Thanks, Ian!

  • Reporting
  • Reporting Compatibility
  • Core Apps Module
  • mUzima Core Module

Thanks @ayeung!

I’ll work on getting those integrated into the Addons server.

Versions of mUzima Core can be found here: Index of omod/org/openmrs/module/muzimacore

The substantially older versions of the reporting module can be found here: Index of omod/org/openmrs/module/reporting

I don’t think there are any earlier versions of Core Apps or Reporting Compatibility or at least if there were, they weren’t indexed in our Bintray instance, so they’d have to be re-created from the GitHub repos if we absolutely need them.

This is good for now.

Thank you so much, Ian, for getting them integrated into the addons server.