"Can't create module file" when upgrading HTML Form Entry

I am having problems with updating the htmlformentry module.

When trying to upgrade the module via manage module I am getting the error message ‘can’t create module file for htmlformentry-2.5.omod’.

Removing the existing html form entry module ( works, but trying to install version 2.5 afterwards creates an error message like ‘module name already associated with htmlformentry’. However, the version does not show up in the module list. After restarting my tomcat webserver version shows up again (although it was removed before) and can be started.

I am using Platform 1.9.3.

Could it be that my Platform installation is corrupted ? Can that be fixed without reinstalling Platform?

Solved the problem by changing ownership of /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS to tomcat7. Was root for some reason.

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