Can't access RefApp on my server

Hello Devs, I am finding a problem accessing RefApp on a RefApp server. all what I get is platform. I have carefully followed the steps for setting up a RefApp server but when i launch localhost, i get platform running. I have deleted all servers and restarted my computer but the problem still persists. What could be the problem? When I check the server modules directory i have 38 modules. I need your help.

@irenyak1 did you build on Distribution or Platform?

yes @tendomart i did build on Distribution

@irenyak1 I have ever gotten such blocker but this usually due to lack of legacyui/dependent modules . Do you mind making another new fresh server? Or making sure legacy ui module is started successfully :slight_smile:

how can she start the legacy UI module? kindly help her with the way forward she just created a new server.

@jwnasambu have you looked at this :slight_smile:

Thanks @samuel34 let me try this out I will give feedback. Thanks @jwnasambu and @tendomart

Hello @samuel34 did you get to ping the people i asked you to about when Platform 2.2 should be released? we need to move because we may not be having much time. Please find out so that we can take the next steps.

I am still blocked on this, i created other servers to run RA and even deleted the old ones but I don’t seem to succeed. I still get this screen

Have you check that the legacy UI module is included in your OpenMRS server directory.?

If you haven’t, then please download it from the AddOns manually and copy that to modules directory under OpenMRS server before restarting the server.

yes @suthagar23 the legacy UI module is included in my OpenMRS server directory already but still I am getting that. I cant figure out why.

Try refresh your browser cache or put your cursor in the browser address bar and press CTRL + SHIFT + R

I have done that but still the blocker has persisted. that’s from the log. I even deleted the old server and created another one to run the RA, I restarted my machine too but it is still persistent.

Could deleting this dir “.m2\repository\org\openmrs” and updating the openmrs-sdk and creating a new server make any change? Am not very sure about this :slight_smile: .

let me try that out

Actually recreate or setup another openmrs-sdk after removing the old one. Thats what I have always done it whenever I get trouble :slight_smile:

I have done all the above with no success. @samuel34 have you looked through my error log above?

According to your error log, in your modules folder, you have a file that does not have a .omod extension.

i have taken the snippets of the modules in my modules folder

Though I’ve checked and all files have .omod extension

Which folder (full path) are you looking at?