Cannot specify precised numeric values in obs

Hey :slight_smile: During our latest Android Client Sprint we faced AC-262 ticket which is about issue with capturing vitals via forms that exist in application. I’ve realized that its server-side error so I’ve created RESTWS-632 ticket with details specified in description. I’ve tried to fix it by myself, but, unfortunately - without any effect :frowning: If somebody got any idea why this issue is happening or where should I look to fix this - please reply :slight_smile: Tomek

@tmarzeion can you reproduce it on this server? is redirecting me to on which I’ve executed all HTTP requests described in RESTWS-632 ticket :slight_smile:

TL;DR Yes :slight_smile:

Oh i see! Good enough i was able to reproduce it here:

@tmarzeion you need to tick “Allow Decimal” for a concept numeric if you want it to include decimal points. I have just done that for and hence should now work fine.

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@dkayiwa That clarifies whole issue :smiley: Sorry for bothering You and Thanks for help Daniel! :slight_smile:

We need to improve the error message thrown in this case in the REST module.