Cannot save patient (Identifier already in use)


I recently did a bulk upload of patients on the system. For patient identifier, I started the sequence from the last identifier of the patient that was already in the system, i.e, last patient was 0000012, so I started at 0000013. The csv had 100 records, therefore 0000013 - 0000113 where used.

The upload completed without issues, however when the clinic staff try to register new patients, they get an error that says patient identifier 0000013 is already in use. It looks like the system wants to restart the sequence from 0000013 and not 0000114

What could be causing this and how can I resolve it? Service has stopped.

Hello @tapologo,

As you have uploaded the patients with the patient Identifier sequence 0000013 - 0000113.

Now the next Patient Identifier sequence should be 0000114 for that we need to update the column “next_sequence_value” in the Openmrs database table “idgen_seq_id_gen”.

I.e.update idgen_seq_id_gen set next_sequence_value= 0000114 where prefix = << Use your Patient Identifer prefix >>

Thanks @amolsatvix for your response, I will try this and give you feedback

@amolsatvix thanks, it worked!

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