Cannot save new patient

Hello, I am using openmrs platform 1.10 and the old UI. I have trouble saving a new patient through the shortPatientForm, without having a specific error just “TypeMismatch” several times. The only thing I noticed is that when I get the errors and resubmit then I get a specific error about the birthdate not being valid.

No errors are logged in catalina.out Any help would be very welcome

I think it’s somehow related to a custom module that I’ve been developping since when I shutdown my module, the form get saved as expected. Can it be somehow a jquery conflict ? or an include issue ?

Does the browser error log show anything? Which version of OpenMRS are you using? Is the module’s source code publicly accessible for investigation?

hello, the module is not available but I could give you access if that helps I am using 1.10.1 openmrs platform

I found these errors on the javascript consolde when I keep my greek locale, however these errors disappear when I switch to english locale. So I suppose they are not related (?)

shortPatientForm.form:30 Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: “”. shortPatientForm.form:35 Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/plain: “”. shortPatientForm.form:1266 Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/plain: “”.

I’ve create a new module with just an extension for a new tab in the legacy openmrs UI. The new tab just prints “Hello”. However, the showPatientForm when used returns 4 TypeMismatch errors with no apparent reason nor logs.

You can check my code here

I would greatly appreciate any input since I’ve reached a dead-end apparently.


I dont know if it’s related but the custom module also depends on the htmlformentry module.

This seems like the issue reported in TRUNK-2779, you might want to make sure you are running 1.11.2 which is the latest version where it is fixed.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t think it’s related to a locale issue. Because I get the same problem, even when I switch to English locale.