Cannot login to talk

I cannot login to OpenMRS talk through my laptop. I am currently logged in with one of my laptop and mobile phone. But I am unable to login using another laptop of mine.

The message says “invalid id or password”. Even if i click forgot password then I don’t get the password reset link on my mail.

Please help.

Can you try this link!

The problem seems to be that your username has ‘openmrs’ on it, and I pushed a fix 4 months ago that would prevented users from registering with a user like yours. But I didn’t realise it would block login too.

JIRA and Wiki would still work, and if you’ve logged before it would still work.

To test that, you can try to use a private/anonymous windows on the computers you’ve already logged in.

Here’s the relevant commit:

I think I should be able to rename your user, but I’m not entirely sure of the consequences of doing that, so I’d like to test it first. I think it’s important you raise a support ticket, so we trace it there.

I see that’s the problem.

Thank you @cintiadr for your response.

You want me to raise a ticket regarding the same on JIRA? @cintiadr

Raising in should be enough.

@dkayiwa or @jwnasambu , do you think that over the next week you could discover how to rename a user?

  • create a new test user (using a private windows)
  • grant access to JIRA
  • login to talk and create a PM to someone to test
  • jira with it and do any activity (like a comment)
  • rename the user in talk admin screen
  • rename the user in formage
  • attempt to login to talk and check if it’s still the same user as before
  • wait 3 hours, and check if you can login to JIRA using the new name, and check if it’s still the same user as before

Hopefully that would be enough. If it’s not, please let me know what happened.

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Sure @cintiadr will do.

@cintiadr I have registered the case.

@cintiadr I didn’t got any update on this. Can you please help? I have already created a case.

Sorry about it. @cintiadr communicated she will be attending the conference this week. Let me follow the procedure above and see if your problem can be sorted out by @dkayiwa’s help

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Thank you @jwnasambu! That would be a great help. :smiley:

@dkayiwa and @cintiadr i have followed the steps above and I get the same user as before though 3hrs haven’t elapsed.
cc @pkatopenmrs

Right. Did you manage to login to id and talk with the remaned user?

Yes I did . I followed all the steps you listed.

Awesome. Can you ask @whiscard to rename that user in crowd then? That should allow you to login in jira and wiki with the renamed name

@whiscard this is the user I created @sekisis. I believe you have been following the conversation.

@cintiadr @jwnasambu when I try to rename the username, I get the error:

Directory does not allow user modifications

Oops, right. Tomorrow I’ll then hack an openldap script.

@jwnasambu can you pass me the old username, the new username and password via PM? Tomorrow I should be back home.

I have send you through the email.