Cannot login to my stand alone database

On my windows, i cd to the standalone database/bin folders,then run mysql -u openmrs -p This prompts me for a a password,a password which i copy from my standalone openmrs runtime file.But this fails to log in.Could the password be hashed??

Enter the password of the “root”

@jwnasambu hei,for the root of my installed mysql??

@jwnasambu the root password of the local mysql cannot login

Do you remember what you entered as a password after entering root as username during installation of msql?

@jwnasambu ohh i installed my mvn some year and months back,That means i need to check for my maven password??

@herbert24 what has mvn to do with the standalone, and why are you setting up the standalone?

I’d encourage you to clean up everything including your caches and start afresh.

I thought mvn has to do with development while standalone is production if am not mistaken !! :smirk:

@tendomart what i basically need is to log in to openmrs standalone database

Why are you doing that ??

@tendomart am working on a ticket were i want to upload my demo data

Please try giving all details ,when you say am working on a ticket,it’s beautiful if you gave the links and all that.

We don’t know what you are saying or working on until you give us links to what you’re doing…best practices

@tendomart am working on that ticket and want to upload a demo.sql file after making some changes in it

sorry about it did you check this link

@jwnasambu let me look through