Cannot access tickets on Jira

I have tried to go through JIRA tickets but they seem to show ready for work yet they were already worked on and there is no option of claiming for a ticket. @jwamalwa, @dkayiwa please help

Can you share ticket id number ,ticket link or screen shot Even after loging in, there is no way to claim for a ticket.

First click on legacy ui ticket in the system dashboard introductory ticket, this is just an example to see if you cant claim any ticket.

There is no option for claiming it

@gracebish sorry for the incovenienceā€¦raise the issue at Dont forget to signup first. @cintiadr @dkayiwa

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Ok then as @reagan said, it seems jira is down, you can send a query on helpdesk. thanks @reagan


Jira is not down And helpdesk is

Thanks for updates @cintiadr

@gracebish On sorry about it! kindly follow this link to access the ticket you had claimed already.

Thanks @jwnasambu, @sharif and @reagan . I was helped.

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