Cannot access the login.css file

i would like to make a fix for the reference application 2.10 snapshot login page and this has to occur in the login.css .I have tried to get to this under the reference application 2.10 snapshot module and uicommons module but i cant find it.Any idea on how i can get to the login.css page? cc @dkayiwa @darius

The source for the login.css file is this Sass file: /omod/src/main/compass/sass/login.scss. That said, if this is in regards to the regression in button color, it’s not caused by a change to that file (that file was last updated in 2016).

The underlying cause here is that the “Login” button no longer gets assigned the “confirm” class. If you manually add it in, as shown below, it works just fine (note: the below screen shot is using

This seems to have been brought about by this commit, which seems to be leaving selectLocation as false, which results in the “confirm” class not being assigned.

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@ibacher helo ian thanks much just tested that and adding the class manually works.just noticed some thing, for the login page for reference application 2.10 snapshot,it has this code which looks to be a little bit backward compared to the one here for the commit you talked about what could be your take on this??

@wyclif Can you provide any insight into why the appropriate class is not being added by default in the RefApp? Is there a mechanism for updating selectLocation that isn’t being triggered?

I haven’t run into it yet