Can we schedule a "HTML Form Entry for Developers: Best Practices" university session?

At AMPATH, we are starting to migrate forms to HTML Form Entry. In the process, we are running into some technical questions. For example:

  • What’s the best way to handle validation across fields?
  • Are there conventions or best practices for assigning IDs to fields?
  • Why types of issues do devs at other implementations run into when supporting HTML Form Entry at their implementation?

Is this something that has been discussed & recorded in the past? Would @mogoodrich be interested/willing to oversee a dev-focused university class on working with HFE and try to answer questions? I know that myself, @willa, Jonathan Dick, and others at AMPATH would be very interested in an OpenMRS University on this topic in the near future.

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I think this makes sense, and I’m willing to be there. However, seems like a large chunk of this (like your first two points) revolve around form creation, and @ball and @arbaughj would be the best resources for this. I think that Ellen has lead university calls on this previously… not sure if it has been recorded.

My favorite topic (or one of them anyway)… There was a University call in May 2014. I’d be happy to repeat or answer particular areas. The presentation and links are on the wiki:

htmlform implementers training

Ellen Ball

This is a great starting point. Thanks @ball. We’ll start with those resources and possibly come back later with some more informed questions.


Great idea Burke and this is the major blocker for us in Masaka-Uganda we cannot upgrade to 1.9.x, We can have this on in the second week of Feb on 02-11-15

But why for developers only some of us are not developers but we have supported a number of implementations.

If you are scheduling a developer-oriented HFE University Forum, we’d greatly appreciate making sure @willa and Jonathan Dick can attend. 11-Feb could work for me, but I’d like to check with them.

At AMPATH, the form team is building the HFE forms and the developers are tasked with providing the JavaScript, validation, and any missing features. Speaking for the developers, we don’t really need a tutorial on how to use HTML and/or the fairly obvious (to a developer) functions of HFE; rather, we’re interested in best practices for doing advanced JavaScript operations and (potentially) adding features to the module.

It’s fine to have a general and/or implementer-focused University Forum as well, but AMPATH (at this point) is primarily interested in very technical parts of HFE (e.g., best practices for advanced JavaScript features, how to share JavaScript across forms, etc.).