Can someone customize/build an angular date+time picker widget?

Hi All,

This request is wearing my PIH hat, but extremely relevant to OpenMRS 2.x and very much usable by other people.

I presume that someone with medium CSS skills and a bit of focus could do this pretty quickly:

We need an Angular-based widget for choosing a date + time together, that:

  • has an easy-to-use directive
  • fits into the OpenMRS 2.x style guide

I would expect the directive to look something like this:

<datetimepicker ng-model="visit.stopDatetime" min="visit.startDatetime" max="now"/>

If I just take the datepicker and timepicker from angular-ui/ui-bootstrap (i.e. already included in the uicommons module) the styling is bad for the timepicker portion, since we’re not actually using bootstrap css:

There are other datetimepicker widgets out there too, many relying on bootstrap CSS.

It’s probably quite easy to clean up the angular-ui one, or one of the others, with a bit of CSS (short of including the whole 117kb of bootstrap for this one thing, which breaks the UI anyway).

Anyone want to volunteer to find/customize/build a nice angular directive for this that can become the main OpenMRS 2.x date+time picker?