Can program enrollment attributes to the OpenMRS core?

We would like to capture some information which are specific to a program, e.g. TB ID required by government for anyone who starts on TB program. Seems like the best way to do this via program attributes. Is this something that can be added to OpenMRS core?

I agree that this is a useful feature. I’ve often seen people use workflows+states to represent things that should really be attributes, because we don’t have attributes.

To be clear, we’re talking about having attributes on PatientProgram (i.e. on a “program enrollment”).

Normally in the past I have implemented a TB ID as a PatientIdentifier; that works fine unless you want to be able to tie the ID to the specific program enrollment.

PS- And yes, this is very appropriate for openmrs-core.

I think the intention is that we’d like to do an OpenMRS Platform 1.12 release that forks off of OpenMRS Platform 1.11 and covers any new data model changes people need in the upcoming months. We can fit this change there.

The current master branch will be renamed to be OpenMRS Platform 2.0, and be more heavyweight (Spring and Hibernate upgrades, and Java 8).


Created a ticket for implementing program attributes.