Can person be mapped to a patient and provider at the same time.

Hi @dkayiwa ,

Can I add a person and map it to a patient and a provider at the same time? Are there any complications/problems that may arise due to this?

What is the use case?

so in our system we use external search algorithms for persons. currently we make two different persons one as provider and other as patient for a single user signup. But due to this, the search results are duplicated, like we’re getting two results for each name. So I just want to know if there any consequences of mapping the same person to a provider and a patient at the same time ?

Part of the goal of separating person from patient and user was to focus efforts on uniquely identifying individuals and resolving duplicates within person (rather than trying to solve the same problem in three places).

OpenMRS should certainly support a single person having a patient, user, and provider accounts. I would not assume that a person has only one user or provider account. In fact, in cases where an individual logs into OpenMRS both as a patient and provider (or with different provider roles), it’s best to create separate user accounts.

Ultimately, I would love to see support for more than one patient record per person; however, we made the mistake of assuming patient_id == person_id and this assumption has spread throughout the codebase & modules, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to fix it (though I remain perpetually hopeful).