Can openmrs users have an inbox or notification system?

We want to notify other/selected users, using the same database, of the action(s) of another user. For example, a radiologist should get notified when a doctor submits a radiology request form. Is there any solution or module that can do this?

You can exploit underlying Notification Alert which exists in OpenMRS Legacy UI (Platform). Writing wrappers for custom functionality should be easy as the current api allows user to send one-to-one and one-to-many notifications along with alert status.

Thanks @themoonraker13 It seems though that what you pointed out is for notifications from the system, such as errors? The page you gave even warns that: Alerts are not intended to be sent from user to user and a user cannot send a “reply alert” whereas @cpnwaugha is asking for user to user notifications. Wondering if we would have to build a new module for that, and what existing module currently does anything similar…

@gansi, the only point I’m trying to bring up here is that we can use the existing Notification Alert implementation as a reference to develop a more mature user notification system with two way communication or may be just extend the existing implementation to add features like user acknowledgement, etc.

Extending the existing implementation for one of the requirements has helped me implement a user notification system with user acknowledgement with ease. (had messed up the code initially :wink: )

Though, I’m in favor of developing a user notification module from scratch :thumbsup:

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@themoonraker13, the notification system you described/implemented looks so much like what we want to achieve. We’ll like to have a look at your implementation, if you don’t mind. We do hope it gives us a clear picture and a heads-up on how to go about what we really want to achieve. Thanks

Hi Guys any update on this?

@morrisng what is your exact use case?

@dkayiwa I need to send a system wide notification just the way openmrs alert works but the only issue is that the notification is only visible on the legacy platform.

Can you just add the same notifications to the reference application UI?

@dkayiwa How do you mean? kindly explain

@morrisng ,@dkayiwa was only asking if you could add the notifications to the reference application ui which is also a module that contains user interface features since we have them existing in the legacy ui module.,other wise are you able to add what exists in the legacy ui module about notifications to the reference application module !